The LIES About Elvis


The Lies About Elvis Presley……


What is the truth about Elvis Presley? Ask that question and many will answer ….'He was the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century'; 'He was the King of Rock 'n Roll'; 'He died August 16th 1977'; 'He is still alive today and faked his own death'.  All but one of those statements is based upon personal opinion, the only FACT is that Elvis died on August 16th 1977…or did he?

Why would so many question that statement? Countless conspiracy theories abound as to whether Elvis really died that day and because of them people naturally wonder if they could be true. Sure, there is a death certificate, there was a funeral, there was a grieving family left behind BUT there were also numerous inconsistencies surrounding the circumstances of his death which make many fans believe Elvis faked his own death to escape the life he was leading.

The internet is full of theories and opinions as to what really happened at Graceland on August 16th 1977, therefore there is no need for us to list them all here, You Tube has a wealth of videos which we are sure you have already seen.

However, one particular ‘theory’ which we feel compelled to discuss involves a nonentity called ‘Jesse’. A woman called Linda Hood Sigmon AKA ‘Shuma’ who runs a website devoted to the said nonentity, claims to KNOW that Elvis Presley is alive and well and is now calling himself Jesse. According to her, Elvis supposedly ‘retired’ on August 16th 1977 and reinvented himself as Jesse in honor of his twin brother who died at birth.

The website dedicated to Jesse documents countless personal letters supposedly written by Elvis/Jesse to Linda over the years, along with many photographs of trinkets lovingly given to her by him. The rather disjointed, repetitive and at times messy website takes the reader through ‘timelines’ of certain key events in Jesse’s new life, for example, articles state as FACT that  Elvis/Jesse was involved in choosing Lisa–Marie’s son Benjamin's name (through the use of numerology) and quotes that Jesse still has involvement with Graceland and EPE. Of course you will have to take Jesse's word for these 'facts' as neither Lisa-Marie nor those at Graceland/EPE have so far corroborated that information publicly.

Ms Hood Sigmon remains stoic in her OPINION that Jesse is in fact Elvis Presley and even although she has only ever spoken to him on the telephone and ONLY heard his voice through a voice distortion device, she has NEVER actually met the man in person, NEVER! After decades of being a friend and confidante to the great Elvis Presley and having never heard his unaltered voice or seen him in the flesh, this woman believes and expects Elvis fans to believe that she really is in contact with the great man himself!

Forgive us for being skeptical but if Elvis Presley wanted a housewife to become “his voice” (as he has stated in a letter to Linda) then surely he would have no problem in convincing her of his identity by revealing his very distinctive voice and showing her his very distinctive face! Yes, Jesse did in fact produce a photograph of himself AFTER his plastic surgery, rather conveniently the plastic surgery did alter his dashingly handsome, drop dead gorgeous looks to the point where he has become unrecognizable as Elvis Presley, he now looks like the ‘handsome’ Dr Sloane from the TV show Diagnosis Murder. According to Linda he isn’t too happy with his new look but she thinks he still looks like Elvis, we will leave you to be the judge of that! Our opinion is that Elvis would NEVER alter his looks so drastically to the point of him looking like Dick Van Dyke, we believe he would have simply grown a beard and worn a large hat!

To try to understand this story a little better, lets look at the facts (as stated by Ms Hood Sigmon in her website)….

      1. Linda Hood Sigmon has never met ‘Jesse’

      2.LInda has only ever heard Jesse speak via a voice distortion device.

      3. The handwriting sample of one of Jesse’s letters was submitted ONLINE for comparison to Elvis’ handwriting and although certified ‘authentic’ the little stumbling block remains in the wording of the certificate ~

“This ONLINE AUTHENTICATION is not a full authentication like an in person examination. Authentication will not cover ink and medium analysis, object evaluation, as well as the less conspicuous characters of the handwriting”… convenient!

All Jesse's handwritten letters which allegedly provide so much 'proof' that he is Elvis can be viewed at Linda Hood Sigmon’s website where you will be able to see the varied and often inconsistent writing styles of the letters’ author/s.

4. Linda has stated as FACT that she KNOWS Jesse is Elvis Presley, something NO-ONE can categorically state 100% unless one has sufficient proof which would FIRSTLY irrefutably prove he was still alive and secondly prove he was the man himself. DNA would be an excellent choice and although Jesse may be willing to provide a DNA sample for testing unfortunately no DNA is ever likely to be given by the real Elvis’ family in order to compare, again how convenient for Jesse. To simply state that you KNOW Elvis is still alive and base it upon the ‘proof’ given by someone whom one has never met is rather naive and arrogant.

All evidence within Linda's website is circumstantial and uncorroborated, it would never stand up in a court of law. The FACTS are based solely upon the writings and random musings of TWO people, that is of course assuming that Linda Hood Sigmon is actually in contact with another individual, she could quite easily be fabricating the whole thing herself. It could be that ‘Jesse’ doesn’t even exist and she is playing the role of Elvis/Jesse herself in some twisted, sick game! There is no evidence to prove Jesse exists, no independent witness to verify the ‘facts’, only one woman's word for it that Jesse is real! As such you are advised in her website to take her word for it or move along!

As if this charade couldn’t get any worse, a new and rather amusing development surfaced recently which adds a startling dimension to this ‘story’. A documentary called Elvis Found Alive has been released on DVD along with a CD which credits the singer as ‘Jon Burrows’, any Elvis fan will know that Jon Burrows was an alias Elvis sometimes used in the 70’s when checking into hotels anonymously. Incredibly the CD alludes that the singer on the CD is in fact Elvis Presley however any discerning Elvis fan will know instantly that the voice is not that of Elvis, at best it is a mediocre ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist). The ‘interesting’ thing about the DVD/CD is that Jesse ( yes, Linda Hood Sigmon's 'Jesse') is now claiming that HE is the voice on the DVD/CD…...OK, lets for one moment assume that he is telling the truth and discuss the ramifications of this.

PLEASE NOTE: Statements published in this article relating to Jesse being blackmailed by Joel Gilbert are the opinions of Linda Hood Sigmon and Jesse as stated by them on her website. We have simply quoted said statements and do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by Linda and Jesse.

As stated by Linda Hood Sigmon, Jesse has ALWAYS spoken to her on the telephone using a voice distortion device, she has NEVER heard his voice and bear in mind also that she is his appointed spokesperson, “his voice”, his trusted friend. Now why would Elvis/Jesse suddenly, after all these years of hiding and concealing his voice from one so trusted, decide to do a voice over on a spoof DVD for a complete stranger, then go into a recording studio with a band of musicians and record a CD, all without first informing his close friend and spokesperson? Does that seem like something a man who had remained anonymous and in hiding for so long would do? Oddly, Jesse then LIED to Linda and DENIED he had done the DVD/CD only to finally admit some time later that he did in fact do it?  All of this is documented in Linda's website where you can read Jesse's letters apologizing to Linda for LYING to her.

After learning that Jesse had initially lied to her about his involvement with Gilbert's documentary, Linda Hood Sigmon goes into great detail on her website outlining the series of events surrounding WHY Jesse decided to get involved with this documentary. According to Jesse, Joel Gilbert, the director of the DVD/CD, hounded Jesse for months, desperately tracking him down because he KNEW he was Elvis and then he blackmailed Jesse into doing the voice-over for the DVD and also ‘persuaded’ him to record some song tracks. Then, according to Linda and Jesse, naughty Joel Gilbert didn’t tell Jesse that he was going to release the songs on a CD so Linda and Jesse are none too happy with Mr Gilbert for doing that. Astonishingly, this public accusation of extortion by Linda and Jesse doesn’t seem to bother Mr Gilbert, it is clearly stated on Linda’s website that Jesse felt pressured into helping Mr Gilbert with his documentary as Gilbert threatened to expose him if he didn’t do the voice-over work! Doesn’t it seem strange that Mr Gilbert isn’t suing Linda and Jesse for making the claim that he is an extortionist? Maybe that’s because Mr Gilbert is riding on the coattails of Jesse, maybe they are all in this scam together, Gilbert gets a persona for his DVD/CD and Jesse at last has a voice? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?

Something else that makes this ‘story’ even more intriguing is that Joel Gilbert made inquiries to Jon Cotner in December 2010 regarding this documentary. Mr Gilbert offered Jon Cotner $7,000 to be the voice of Elvis in his documentary. As most will know Jon Cotner sounds remarkably like Elvis Presley, both in respect of his singing and talking voice. Jon speaks in his own natural voice and is well known on the internet, many believe he IS Elvis Presley, it should be noted though that Jon categorically denies that he is Elvis Presley nor ever was Elvis Presley. Unfortunately by the very nature of his voice, people continue to believe otherwise. There is nothing Jon can do about this but it is clear that Mr Gilbert had heard Jon's voice online and was keen to have him involved in his documentary, we can’t blame him for that!

The emails (below), were sent to Jon via his  friend Dixie and forwarded to us for inclusion in this article, you can see that Mr Gilbert was keen to pay Jon to do voice-over work for him and you can also see that Jon declined his offer. Now this opens up an interesting question, if Joel Gilbert had hunted down the real Elvis i.e Linda Hood Sigmon's Jesse, WHY on earth would Mr Gilbert be keen to have Jon Cotner do the voice-over work for him? Why would you ask Jon Cotner who sounds very like Elvis for his help when all the while you had tracked down and found the real Elvis/Jesse ?


Furthermore Jesse claims he received no payment for his ‘work’ with Gilbert, as you can see Mr Gilbert was prepared to pay for any services given yet Jesse stated that he received no monetary payment, we are quite sure payment would have been discussed had this meeting taken place as Mr Gilbert was offering money to Jon Cotner for the same job so why didn't Jesse ask Mr Gilbert to donate his fee to charity, something we are sure the real Elvis WOULD have done! Maybe that’s exactly what Jesse did do, Linda probably just forgot to mention it…having said that every other wonderful thing ‘Jesse’ does is documented on her website, soooo……oh ignore us, we are being facetious!

Another interesting question that comes to mind is why did Jesse ALLOW himself to be pressured by Mr Gilbert into helping him, as we all know Elvis was heavily involved with law enforcement, he had experience of extortionists etc., do you really think that Elvis would allow a not too well known film director to blackmail him into helping him with a spoof documentary in return for his silence? Surely if Jesse really is Elvis, he is still well connected in law enforcement and any attempt to extort him would be dealt with appropriately, after all we have been led to believe from Jesse that Elvis did in fact enter the witness protection program in 1977, are we to believe that Elvis would not request law enforcements help in preventing such extortion?

The Elvis Found Alive documentary makes some ludicrous, wild and unbelievable claims that involve secret documents and the reasons why Elvis had to leave so why would Jesse agree to help Mr Gilbert narrate such trash? Jesse even states in Linda’s website that he was not at all happy with the documentary’s content. Ask yourself honestly, would Elvis Presley agree to help make a spoof documentary and then expose his real identity further by singing with a group of musicians he had never met before and had no idea how trustworthy they were? Would Elvis really be so stupid to risk his whereabouts and identity because he was threatened with exposure by a little known film director? Elvis Presley had integrity above all things and anyone who believes he would jeopardize his anonymity in this careless way, allow himself to be extorted and used for an utter trash movie is a fool! We believe that if Elvis is still alive today he would never again allow anyone to treat him the way the Colonel did for years, NEVER!

The most interesting question we have to ask is why did Jesse trust Mr Gilbert NOT to expose him anyway. Joel Gilbert will probably not make too much money from the sales of this DVD/CD so lets think about it this way, what is to stop Joel Gilbert exposing the biggest story of the century? What is to stop him making MILLIONS of dollars out of revealing to the world that Elvis Presley faked his death and hid from the world for 35 years? After all, Mr Gilbert knows where Jesse lives, there are other witnesses who saw Elvis/Jesse, musicians who backed him on the CD, are we to believe they were paid handsomely to keep quiet? If they were, who paid them? As Linda and Jesse always state, Elvis isn’t giving away Cadillacs anymore, he has no riches, so clearly he would be unable to buy the silence of Joel Gilbert, his film crew and his musicians. Does Mr Gilbert have the wealth to pay numerous people the enormous amounts of money that keeping a secret like that would cost? Why would Mr Gilbert make a documentary for financial gain and then spend money keeping a secret that could earn him millions of dollars? That makes no sense whatsoever. You could argue that Joel Gilbert is a man of integrity and he IS paying everyone who saw Jesse that day to keep his whereabouts a secret from the world, highly unlikely, don't forget that Jesse said Joel Gilbert blackmailed him into helping him and he then went on to publish Jesse's songs on a CD WITHOUT telling him, so judging by what Linda and Jesse have said about Joel Gilbert in Linda's website is it fair to presume that Gilbert has no integrity?

So what is REALLY stopping Joel Gilbert being the one to reveal possibly the greatest story the entertainment world could ever imagine? Think about it, would Mr Gilbert really keep that to himself……WE DON’T THINK SO! Heck, Mr Gilbert could even get in touch with Adam Muskiewicz, the director of the documentary The Truth About Elvis, he was offering $3,000,000 for information proving Elvis was still alive, easy money Joel, based upon what you claim to know about Jesse! Why would Joel Gilbert choose to reveal to the world that Elvis Presley is still alive by releasing a second rate DVD/CD of an Elvis imitator? The only reasonable explanation as to why he isn’t exposing Jesse as Elvis Presley is because he knows Jesse isn’t Elvis. Mr Gilbert obviously knows that ‘Jesse’ has a small following and by allowing Jesse to claim the voice on his DVD/CD he is probably quite happy to get the extra little boost in CD sales from those 'fans', nothing more! It is our opinion that Jesse and Joel Gilbert never even met and we would urge Mr Gilbert to search his conscience and admit the truth, in doing so he would help put an end to this Jesse scam once and for all. Surely he must be able to see that Linda and Jesse have been less than kind to him and are in fact using HIS work to further their own charade.  

Inadvertently, by claiming to be the voice on this CD, Jesse has made a huge mistake, fans know Elvis’ unique, perfect voice and according to Linda’s website someone has already done a voice analysis on the CD’s singer and has concluded what we already know, that it is not Elvis Presley, Linda of course has disregarded this, no surprize there!

Lies are easily spoken and yet they have the ability to sway people into believing they are the truth, in this case, no concrete evidence is required, Linda Hood Sigmon's opinions, beliefs and unsubstantiated ‘evidence’ are all that some Elvis fans need to hang onto the desperate notion that Elvis could still be alive today. Nothing is required of Linda Hood Sigmon to prove 100% that what she is saying is true, the reader is simply asked to accept her opinion or move on, what a perfect way to lie to people, to fool them and get away with it. How do you sleep at night Linda?

Many will continue to believe Linda Hood Sigmon's LIES, some may even decide that SHE is the one being fooled and therefore not responsible for all that she claims, either way it is a travesty for Elvis Presley, even in death he has to endure lies and falsehoods. Our hope is that he is at peace…..wherever he is because at the end of the day he was just a man, a man who did not deserve to be treated the way he was and unfortunately still is being treated today!

Fortunately not all fans are so gullible, there are MANY of us who KNOW Elvis’ voice, we know it instantly and as such we also know when it is not his voice. No need for voice analysis, we KNOW IT! And because Elvis is not here to defend himself we are prepared to be his voice, not musically but in his defense, he deserves no less!

Jesse is NOT the wonderful Elvis Presley.......

Jon Cotner is NOT Elvis Presley....but neither is 'Jesse'!

The following statement was recently published on Ms Hood Sigmons website, ironically it is she and 'Jesse' who seem threatened by Jon's revelation about Joel Gilberts offer to Jon to  be the voice of Elvis Presley in his documentary. It should be noted that when the video posted below was initially uploaded, Mr Gilbert complained to You Tube citing copyright infringement however we believe his desperation to hide the truth from the public regarding his emails to Jon Cotner was obvious, unfortunately for him the video was republished without using Mr Gilberts CD image.

The truth will always find its way!


  As you can see from Ms Hood Sigmon's statement above she is claiming that Joel Gilbert's offer made to Jon Cotner to do the voice-over for the Elvis Found Alive DVD/CD is a LIE. Unfortunately for her and 'Jesse' the above emails are proof that Joel Gilbert DID email Jon to ask for his help with the documentary. If Ms Hood Sigmon expects people to believe that handwritten messages from a nonentity called Jesse are genuine and 'authentic' then surely the same courtesy should be afforded our readers when assessing the validity of the above emails. They are genuine and Joel Gilbert KNOWS it!

To answer Ms Hood Sigmons red letter rant, may we point out that Linda is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT when she states that Jon Cotner is not singing on the Elvis Found Alive CD, may we also point out that Jon has NEVER claimed he did sing on the CD, as you can see from the above emails Jon declined Joel Gilberts offer! Also, we quite agree with her that Jon Cotner is NOT Elvis, Jon Cotner always tells people he is not Elvis Presley so there is no argument to contest there. Sadly for Linda and Jesse it does not alter the fact that Jesse was not Joel Gilbert's first choice for the voice-over job on the DVD/CD!

It is quite laughable and extremely ironic that Jesse has called Jon Cotner a phony, how can Jon be a phony when he speaks and sings in his own voice? And as for Jesse's comment that Jon is 'overstepping his bounds', Jon would be more than happy for Jesse to take matters into his own hands and attempt to rein Jon back in, that is of course if he can find Jon Cotner!

Ms Hood Sigmon, you have asked that Jon produce a piece of writing in his own hand, to what end would this have? As Jon has already stated several times he is NOT Elvis Presley so your challenge for him to provide a writing sample seems rather pointless, what do you hope to prove from it? Are you hoping to prove that Jon is a neat writer or perhaps you have someone willing to give you an in-depth personality study on Jon based upon the slant of his writing and how he crosses his T's! 

Thank you for the compliment that Jon does a 'fairly good imitation of Elvis', coming from an 'expert' such as yourself, Jon is humbled, if you note sarcasm in our tone here, you are once again correct! Jon KNOWS he sounds like Elvis, he is told this on a daily basis in comments to his You Tube videos. As for your challenge to Jon that he record 'quickly', several songs in order that he does not take weeks to 'perfect his imitation' of Jesse,  we find this demand rather insulting, Jon couldn't sound as bad as 'Jesse' if he took YEARS to try and 'perfect' Jesse's voice!

Jon's voice has been online for several years and more recently he has released one song from each CD he produces, so Linda, there is no need for Jon to bow down to YOUR demands and sing certain songs, there are plenty of videos of Jon singing for people to listen to and enjoy. Your childish demands are based solely upon YOUR assumption that Jon claims to be Elvis but as he has continually stated, he is NOT Elvis Presley, a fact that consequently makes your demands null and void!

ADIOS for now!

 UPDATE 04/24/12

Linda Hood Sigmon appears to be under the impression that Jon Cotner is responsible for the content of this website, we would like to state that this website is a fan-based site run by Elvis Presley fans and its primary goal is to defend Elvis. As such we felt compelled to discuss the scam being run by Ms Hood Sigmon that 'her Jesse' is Elvis Presley. During our investigation into this scam we were given information relating to Jon Cotner and felt that it was important enough to be included in our article. Mr Cotners contribution sheds a different light on Linda's 'story' that Jesse is the voice on the Elvis Found Alive DVD/CD and WE felt it warranted inclusion in our original article. Ms Hood Sigmons retort to our article is aimed firmly at Jon Cotner which is unfair and completely unjustified. Joel Gilbert contacted Jon in December 2010 with an offer which Jon refused, Jon did NOT divulge this information back then as there was no need however when Jesse tried to claim the voice of Elvis on Gilberts productions, Jon Cotner's information became relevant to that claim and needed to be reported. Unfortunately Linda's response which includes a private message written by Jon Cotner has back-fired ON HER as Jon's message only provides further confirmation of Jon's stance on whether or not he is Elvis Presley and that is categorically HE IS NOT ELVIS!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read our findings on the elusive Jesse, before reading further we would like to bring to your attention Ms Hood Sigmons reaction to our discussion in her Current News and Events section on her website, article dated 04/22/12 (See above link). As you will see Ms Hood Sigmon has decided to adopt 'Jesse's' version of 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' as her 'theme song' for her website, if we were to do something similar we would prefer the real deal, Elvis Presley singing TROUBLE.....MOST FITTING in our opinion! We know you are singing it to yourselves as we speak, somehow we just can't imagine Elvis singing the one Linda has chosen......CAN YOU?

Since publication of our website Linda Hood Sigmon has started 'back-tracking' with her opinion of Joel Gilbert, Director extraordinaire! It now transpires that Linda's accusation of Joel Gilbert BLACKMAILING Jesse into doing the DVD and CD has been 'watered down' in favor of this contradictory statement....

"I want to say, as an introduction to this material, that Mr. Gilbert’s outstanding record of education, respectability, credibility and devotion to protecting our country do not excuse him in, my eyes, for his tracking Elvis/Jesse down and breaking his word to Elvis/Jesse.  But, at the same time, knowing all of the following about Mr. Gilbert explains to me why Elvis/Jesse trusted him with doing the interview and took him at his word when they shook hands."

It warms the heart that Linda and Jesse have such a forgiving nature, one can almost feel the love! However, don't assume that good ole Joel is getting off that lightly, oh no....Linda sill concludes......

"Once more, I am NOT changing my stance on the release of the DVD nor the silly manner in which it was produced.  I do NOT advise anyone to pay money for this DVD."

Now it seems that it was just a 'silly manner' in which Jesse was coerced into helping with the DVD, NOT BLACKMAIL? Okay Linda, if you say so! The list of Mr Gilbert's 'credentials' that you listed on your website may impress you Linda but when one reads one star reviews from the general public (as given by the MAJORITY) on this review of Gilbert's spoof documentary 'Paul McCartney Really Is Dead', those credentials don't mean a thing!

Another rather amusing quote from Linda whilst listing ALL of Mr Gilbert's 'credentials' as stated in the ambiguous and often unreliable Wikipedia, made us smile....

"Gilbert has also released spoofs of rock and roll mysteries."

You said it Linda, your whole website is devoted to a so-called 'ROCK AND ROLL MYSTERY' and it is most certainly considered by the majority to be a SPOOF...need we say anymore?

Moving right along to the next item on Ms Hood Sigmon's retort, Linda has (not surprisingly) concluded that the emails we published above are 'probably generated', those emails are absolutely 100% GENUINE, granted however, it is difficult to prove that so our question to Ms Hood Sigmon would be, if you were trying to prove that you were in receipt of genuine emails how would YOU prove their authenticity? Apart from allowing a complete stranger access to Ms Dixilandd's email account (NO-ONE would allow a stranger to access their private email account so this is not an option), what other way could we prove they are genuine? We are betting amongst ourselves that Ms Hood Sigmon will probably 'testify' in the not too distant future that she has indeed proven them to be 'generated' and as such one would have to rely on her 'evidence', her honesty and integrity to believe that she is telling the truth. So we are going to have to state the same as Linda does when providing so much of her evidence relating to the nonentity Jesse and say that you can believe us or not, we have nothing to gain from lying, Jon gains nothing from revealing Mr Gilbert's request but so much is at stake for Jesse if they are proved to be authentic, right Linda? Jesse's whole 'story' about his meeting with Gilbert rests on the authenticity of those emails because one has to question why Gilbert would ask Jon Cotner to be the voice of Elvis when all the while he knew of Jesse/Elvis' whereabouts, Jesse has more to lose so we are betting Linda will try to suggest they are indeed faked. Once again they are not fake or generated, they are 100% legitimate.

With regard to the private message from Jon Cotner which Linda apologetically published on her website, we contacted Mr Cotner in order to seek his comment and he confirmed that he did indeed send the message to a lady called Loretta (we do know her surname but we won't reveal it) it should be noted that Loretta was a member of Jon's private forum and for many years believed Jon to be Elvis even although, as you can see from Jon's message to her, he continually denied being Elvis. Loretta seemed confused as to who she believed Elvis Presley actually was as she often hinted that Linda's Jesse was Elvis too! As Linda will confirm, Jon and Jesse are two different people so Loretta's thinking was clearly confused. Loretta obviously gave her message from Jon to Linda in the hope that it would discredit him after he banned her from his private board (at her own request we might add) another scorned woman perhaps? However as Linda has so beautifully highlighted, Jon told Loretta on more than one occasion that he was not Elvis. Regarding the statement pertaining to Tony, Jon does not say that he believed Tony was Elvis' son, Linda has merely ASSUMED that is what Jon meant however we would argue that what Jon Cotner said could have several possible connotations and it is only because of Linda's desperation to discredit Jon that she chooses her biased point of view! Furthermore Linda quite rightly points out Jon's clarification of the matter when he mentions further into the message that Tony is 'the son of a dear friend of Elvis'! We would like to thank Linda for highlighting all of the sections where Jon refutes that he is Elvis Presley and we would also like to reassure Linda that there is absolutely NO NEED for her to apologize to Jon Cotner fans for publishing his message to Loretta, it has only clarified what Jon always says....HE IS NOT ELVIS, thank you Linda.

As seen previously in Linda's responses to the naysayers of the content within her website, we are awaiting her statement announcing that she will no longer waste her time and energy giving web space to those who continually 'lie and try to bring her down', this seems to be her line of defense when it gets a bit awkward retaliating to those such as ourselves who refuse to believe HER lies about Elvis!

Finally, we understand that Jon Cotner has had an unprecedented number of visits to his website after Linda's inclusion of its address on her website, it is greatly appreciated! 


In light of Linda Hood Sigmons recent response to our websites content, we would like to make it clear that she is completely WRONG in her opinion that Dixie is responsible for ANYTHING written here, she is not. Linda, you cannot simply 'decide' that a particular person is responsible for anything unless you can prove it. As with everything on your website you have presented your opinion because you believe it to be true not because you KNOW it is true! Dixie did not write any part of what is written on this site.

As much as it pains us to say this Linda, we all have a commonality and that is our love of Elvis Presley. No matter what any of us believe, WE LOVE ELVIS, correct? By being Elvis Presley fans first and foremost we have his interests at heart and as such we can and will defend him when we see fit. We believe Elvis would be touched by his fans willingness to defend him, he would understand their passion for standing up for him especially if he was still around and couldn't defend himself! 

By creating your website Linda you made a public declaration of your OPINION, nothing more, whether you believe what you are saying is true or not is irrelevant! By giving your opinion, which you are wholly entitled to do, you leave yourself wide open to reactions, both positive and negative, if you did not expect the negative then you are extremely naive. As such, WE (and others it seems) are entitled to respond to what you have declared as FACT if we disagree with it and can show reasonable doubt in what you present as the 'truth'. We are not alone in our opinion that you are NOT in contact with the REAL Elvis Presley and this is not the first time you have heard that! No matter what you say, we do not believe Jesse is the real Elvis as we see no concrete proof that he is, only your word for it! Until recently Jesse had no voice and since he claimed to be the voice on Joel Gilbert's CD he has only further confirmed to many fans that he is not Elvis because the singer on that CD sounds nothing like him. It is an insult to Elvis to claim that is his voice! You could argue that is our opinion and yes you are correct but it is a majority opinion.

As for any involvement with Jon Cotner, we can confirm that SOME of us are Jon Cotner fans, big deal! Why are we fans of Jon Cotner.....BECAUSE of Elvis Presley! Like it or not Jon DOES sound like Elvis, none of us would be Jon's fans without first being Elvis fans and again, like it or not he has a huge following! Jon became involved in this mess because Joel Gilbert contacted him as is posted above! May we remind you that it is not the first time you have seen fit to include Jon Cotner in YOUR articles, articles in which you gave YOUR NEGATIVE OPINION about Jon, so whats the difference? It seems it is okay for you to try and undermine Jon but not okay for us to set up our own website and react to your LIES! 

You have concluded that Dixie is the person behind this website mainly because of the connection Dixie has with Jon and the fact that Dixie posted her opinion of you and your scam on her You Tube channel (but so did other Elvis fans). Your inclusion of her personal information on your website which could be read by any unstable, dangerous and crazed fan whom YOU may have encouraged by labeling Dixie as someone wicked, is both irresponsible and completely immoral. There are several of us who have posted the link to this website on our You Tube channels, we have shared the link with many who are not involved with this site. Are you trying to tell them that they cannot have an opinion either and are you going to post their personal information online as punishment for simply disagreeing with you and daring to give our reasons as to why we disagree?

Elvis Presley loved his fans, this is a well known fact and even today Elvis has an army of up and coming young fans. One such fan, thanks to her Moms influence, is Dixie's daughter, she is younger than Lisa~Marie was when her daddy passed. This little girl LOVES Elvis, she is an innocent child, loved by all who know her and none more than Jon Cotner. As most will know Jon has his own Paltalk room where his fans go to listen to him talk and sing. Dixie's daughter often attends and LOVES to sing for Jon, she adores him and she sings Elvis songs for him. The video posted below is one such song, Elvis would have loved hearing her sing, who wouldn't? IF your Jesse was the real deal and was really Elvis Presley, he would NEVER allow you to give out an innocent, precious child's location to the world especially when her Mom is simply doing what she believes is right and looking out for him! YOU have decided (WRONGLY) that this little girls Mom is responsible for this website and that is the only reason you have divulged her personal information. All Dixie has done is what many Elvis fans have done, she has formed her own opinion after reading what you have presented on your site and posted that opinion on her You Tube channel, something she is thoroughly entitled to do. Her little daughter doesn't deserve to have her safety compromised because YOU are angry at her Mom for defending Elvis in her own way. Elvis would be disgusted by your behavior!

Let us ask you Linda, what do you hope to achieve by giving out such personal details?* What could you possibly WANT others to do with that information? Please answer honestly! You have negatively written about an Elvis fan whose only 'crime' happens to be that she disagrees with your opinion, you have encouraged a hatred towards that person because you have no other line of defense and you have given out her location as punishment just because you can, do you realize how bad that makes YOU look to EVERYONE! 

Your website is devoted to YOUR Elvis and many believe that what you write is the truth but can you vouch for the mindset of everyone you have persuaded that Jesse is Elvis, do you know what any of these people MAY be capable of doing to someone whom you have led them to believe is a bad person? No you don't, it is no excuse to say that Dixie's information is 'out there' anyway, you are inciting hatred towards her, you have singled her out and the sad thing is, you are WRONG about her!

*It should be noted that the above emails in our first article which show Joel Gilbert's information relates to his PUBLIC company and in no way presents a breach of privacy. (No doubt you wanted to use that as a come back Linda, sorry but that won't wash!)

As for your statement regarding taking information from your site, any quotes on your website which are DIRECTED AT US or your reaction to any issue we bring to your attention will be quoted by us in order for us to respond to you. You have no moral issue with posting someones name and location so  we find your demands rather hypocritical!


Further to our most recent post above, we would like to thank Mr Gilbert for now CONFIRMING that the emails he sent to Jon Cotner are genuine (Ms Hood Sigmon published this fact on her website recently, the link to her site further up this page will confirm this), its just a pity that Mr Gilbert has chosen to lie about the date they were sent. But worry not, we contacted Dixie for her comment about the date she received them and she has confirmed that the date is as presented on the emails and the following information can help to confirm this. Dixie only became a member of Jon Cotners private Yuku forum in July 2009, the screenshot here confirms that date, the date a person joined a forum cannot be changed and even if it was closed and re-opened one cannot use the same profile name however please also note that this forum was first opened by Jon Cotner on December 29th 2008
which is AFTER the time period that Joel Gilbert claims he messaged Jon Cotner and Dixie about his movie project. We can also confirm the date that Jon opened his forum from viewing the link to his Yuku profile page below. We have Dixie's permission to post this screenshot of her profile which can be confirmed at the following link.